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Holiday Egg Nog Tasting

It’s usually the first time during the holidays that I get to try egg nog, it will be at some sort of party. The taste of egg nog will vary somewhat, but the experience is usually the same. The walking up to the bowl or pouring of the liquid into your cup. I’m always surprised […]

Halloween Skull Mask

I got these cool plans off of etsy on how to make a paper geometric sided skull mask. For about $8 I got the digital plans. You can get them here along with plans for other masks (search for the skull). Since I tend to be a perfectionist, I went to the arts and crafts […]

There are writers and then there is…

Susannah Breslin. Probably one of the most ‘real’ writings I’ve ever read about a woman surviving breast cancer. I’ve been following her for a couple of years now absorbing her writings from the business side of pornography, to self analysis of why you need to look deeply as to what you do for work, to […]

What is Movember?

Movember 'stache

Hello everyone! I wanted to write a quick little note telling everyone why am I posting all these photos everyday of my face with a mustache growing on it. Since 2004, the event which happens throughout the month of November, is to raise awareness about men’s health. While for some years there has been focus […]

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Find Font issue

In the years that I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator, one of the biggest pet peeves of mine has been the Find Font dialogue box. This box comes up when you are usually trying to replace a font you don’t have on your system that the opened file is requesting, with a font file that you […]