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Frayed nerves.

Holidaze. Good word to describe the current state of affairs for yours truly. I think it has been a result of not really listening or paying attention to the inner voice of myself, but hopefully I’m refocused on listening now.

Today I’m starting to refocus on being aware of what I eat. I found the 2008 New Years Resolutions list. Wow-wee! Boy did I not look at it! Yeah I make a LIST, not just one thing. It gives me many targets and keeps me busy. But obviously that didn’t work this year! Here is the list:


  • pay down credit card debt
  • work on porfolio, website and resume
  • get more fit [start weight 148 in jan], increase strength and flexibility
  • Man Kind Project – Men of Service for April
  • Alcohol moderation – remember New Years Day
  • Start/Do art project – book of parks
  • Eat healthier
  • Get Daily Caloric Intake Test
  • Get Body Fat Test
  • Be less self critical
  • Be more self confident
  • Be aware of posture
  • Keep eating out at work to minimum
  • Go to Burning Man

The most surprising was the note of my current weight at the beginning of the year, 148. Now – 152. Not huge, but 4 lbs on my frame does make a difference especially when I’ll be running 26 miles later in Jan for the marathon. Unfortunately I didn’t do a body fat measurement at the beginning last year so I could compare to now. (Idea for next year) So I can’t really tell if I’ve put on four lbs of muscle or just fat. I’d like to say it’s muscle, but I know better than to assume that, especially with the knowledge of knowing I haven’t been doing exercises to build muscle. Just running. My legs may be muscular, but they didn’t get that much bigger!

Good techno released out by the SPLIT boys recently. I wish that would release stuff more often. It’s really a MP3 of a british radio show, but it highlights lots of new releases and it’s nicely mixed. Plus they give a track listing of everything they play. I’m looking forward to santa bringing me a special little something that will enable me to put all my vinyl into digital format. It will be quite the task to get it all done, but I’m looking forward to spending time with my music and re-listening to it. It feels like it’s been years. Ahhh techno! My old friend!

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