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Mauzy’s passing.

It’s now been just over a week. After taking Mauzy to the vet and leaving her there for the day because of blood in her urine, I got a call from the vet telling me all kinds of bad things. At that point I made the difficult decision to put Mauzy down.


She had been with me since August of 1995. My sister had gotten Mauzy with me at the SPCA here in Houston shortly after we had graduated from college and were living back at home.

She had been with me through NINE different moves, 5 girlfriends, 1 ex-wife, lived with 6 other cats (up to four at one time) and a dog! Whew!

So it was really hard to make the decision to put her down week before last. She had been with me for so long and through so much. Of course with her gone now, those things that she was doing that irritated me, now are things that I miss – Kneeding on my chest in the bed while i sleep, licking my face and feet while I do stretches on the floor, crawl all over the desk while I type at the computer. I also remember how calm she was about having her claws clipped. She wasn’t declawed, but on the first day when I brought her home, I clipped her claws and continued to do so on a regular basis. Towards the end it never was an issue for her. It was always the most surprising thing to see with the vets when I would take her in for checkups and what not. “She’s so calm!” is what they would often exclaim.

Still the last things I remember about her was the last moments. They are really etched in my memory. My girlfriend and I went to the vet at the end of the day to be there. We were waiting in the room when the vet doc brought her in on a small rug. Mauzy had a tube already placed in her arm so that the injections could be done easily. The doc left us for a little while with her and told us to knock on the door when we were ready. It was then when I really started breaking down and crying. It was the time I just kinda let go. I felt bad cause I didn’t want her “last day” to have been cooped up in a vet cage. Mauzy was awake and aware what was going on, but she seemed a little confused. She kept looking around in the room. But she was calm on the rug. She didn’t try to get up. I dunno if she was tired or what, but she just layed there with her head up. I had her head cradled in my hands and just looked into her eyes. I just spoke her name and said everything would be alright. It was nice just being there close to her. After a while, probably about 5 mins, we knocked on the door and the vet doc came in. She brought a tech to assist. I kept Mauzy’s face in my hands while the doctor admininstered the sedatitve. Mauzy gave me a last lick on my forhead and on my hand. That was when her tongue stopped moving out of her mouth. Kinda just stuck out. It was a little disturbing, so I covered up her mouth so I wouldn’t look at it and just peered deeply into her eyes. The last thing I know she saw was my tearful face. I watched whispering her name, as her eyes dialated. I was vaguely away of the doc who then switched to a stethascope and was then checking for breathing. Shortly thereafter she announced that Mauzy was gone. I gently layed her head down and turned her head away and then just let myself be held by my girlfriend for a little while. After settling down we chatted with the vet for about a minute and then we left. I really didn’t feel that needed to stay with Mauzy’s body for any amount of time at that point. She was gone and that was that. We walked out and headed home.

Couple of things to pass on to anyone who puts their animal to sleep to know before hand:

  • It is most likely that the animals tongue will loll out of their mouth when they become tranquilizered. While this is normal, it is kinda disturbing to see. Be prepared.
  • Pre-pay before the animal is put down.
  • Have someone drive you there and back.

Mauzy was a wonderful companion and she is sorely missed. I will be taking a long break from getting another animal.

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