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Pain and the importance of routine.

This morning an easy 40 min run was stopped early due to pain in my knee. I’ve had this pain before and it’s been on both the left and right legs. Usually it disappears after a couple of days. I only had a 10 miler this sat, so I’m surprised that it’s still painful. It was much worse after the 1/2 marathon, 25k & 30K. Maybe I was so jacked up on ibuprofen I didn’t realize!

On Saturday, due to some after run events that we were required to go to, I ended up letting myself get driven to the park for my  training run. Interestingly enough, the whole event turned into a bad arguement. Mostly dealing with not having MY car there when I returned. The person that drove me assured me that they would be back to greet me with my drink and would be there! There are several issues at work here, but the one I wanted to comment about was about changing of the routine. Many times the couches had said again and again, don’t change your routine if it’s been working for you.  Don’t wear new clothes before a race, change your breakfast before a race. In this instance, I changed my method of getting to training in the morning. Granted, it’s a training run and not a serious run, but the incident made clear to me about the importance of routine. It’s not as tangible as changing clothes or what I eat, but none the less can have an impact. Definitely something to keep in mind for the big marathon day in Jan.

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