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January 24th, 2009:

MS150 training begins.

Bundled up for training!

Bundled up for training!

This is me after 20 miles in the WINDY cold morning this Sat 1/24/2009. I paid for my training ride access though Bayou City Outdoors. $30 for all training rides with the Cheveron Team, CVX. Barrelled out those miles with a pretty easy to follow loop trail. Lots of people showed, many bailed before the ride even started. There was a strong strong headwind when we got started, but I reckoned that I’d only have to endure it for 10 miles. If I could get in a pace line with other bikers breaking the wind in front of me, I’d be okay. At the rest stop, I quickly discovered that the way back would have the wind to our backs. I didn’t diddle daddle cause I had things to do that morning, so returned back to riding after about a 10 min break there at the half way point.

I literally FLEW back to the start point. The wind was blowing SO STRONG that I easily hit 30 mph, on flat road. Crazy fast.

One thing I noticed – how IN shape I am, comparatively to the majority of other riders. My form could use a little work and my butt is saddle sore, but aerobicly I kicked butt. I was passing people constantly on the 1st half of the ride going into the headwind. I was surprised how okay i was. And I guess shocked how not okay many other people were. Granted this is the BEGINNING of the season and I just got finished with running a marathon.

During the week I’ll be doing 30 mins on trainer riding in the morning. Boring fun. It will give me time to catch up on a lot of my TV shows! I will be updating daily progress on my dailymile account site. Go and send me modivations. Or leave me comments. Much appreciated!