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January, 2009:

MS150 training begins.

Bundled up for training!

Bundled up for training!

This is me after 20 miles in the WINDY cold morning this Sat 1/24/2009. I paid for my training ride access though Bayou City Outdoors. $30 for all training rides with the Cheveron Team, CVX. Barrelled out those miles with a pretty easy to follow loop trail. Lots of people showed, many bailed before the ride even started. There was a strong strong headwind when we got started, but I reckoned that I’d only have to endure it for 10 miles. If I could get in a pace line with other bikers breaking the wind in front of me, I’d be okay. At the rest stop, I quickly discovered that the way back would have the wind to our backs. I didn’t diddle daddle cause I had things to do that morning, so returned back to riding after about a 10 min break there at the half way point.

I literally FLEW back to the start point. The wind was blowing SO STRONG that I easily hit 30 mph, on flat road. Crazy fast.

One thing I noticed – how IN shape I am, comparatively to the majority of other riders. My form could use a little work and my butt is saddle sore, but aerobicly I kicked butt. I was passing people constantly on the 1st half of the ride going into the headwind. I was surprised how okay i was. And I guess shocked how not okay many other people were. Granted this is the BEGINNING of the season and I just got finished with running a marathon.

During the week I’ll be doing 30 mins on trainer riding in the morning. Boring fun. It will give me time to catch up on a lot of my TV shows! I will be updating daily progress on my dailymile account site. Go and send me modivations. Or leave me comments. Much appreciated!

2009 begins!

Well I’ve started off much better so far this year than I have the previous two years! The last two were fun nights with dire consequences the following days. Last year was painful in that I had gotten some new bike shoes that I wanted to try out by riding in them on the 1st, but because I was so hung over I was unable to get out that day. The kicker was that day was stunningly beautiful. I was really peeved at myself and swore I wouldn’t repeat that again. True to my promise, I didn’t. While I did go out and enjoy my new years evening, I did it with moderation. In the morning I got up and went running with my neighbor for about 3.3 miles and then went and did the 35 mile bike ride with the New Years Tour de Houston. It feel good and I’m glad for my dedication to my promise.


I did take my new camera out with me on new years. I’ve posted up the photos at flickr. Go HERE to check them out. I didn’t spend much time editing…

BTW – if you do any working out, riding, swimming, or activity, go and check out It’s a new social networking site for athletes. You can find me there. Send me some motivation!