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April, 2009:

CVX training ride #14

This was going to be my last CVX training ride. The next one was going to be in Fayetteville which I didn’t want to drive out to the weekend before the MS150 ride. I knew I might see some BCO people out at this ride, but I was essentially going by myself. Always then an opportunity to meet new people!

I was initially a little worried because of the fog on the drive up there, but it cleared before the start. I was surprised just how many people showed up for the ride. I’ve been used to the 50-100 people turn out, but this event had well over 250! The day was starting to get nice and the course was looking good.

Got off to a great start and caught on to a good pace line at about 20 mph. When we got passed by another line going 24, we all jumped into it creating a SUPER long pace line flying along the hwy at 24 mph! It was exciting! But as soon as we hit the rest stop at the 20 mile mark, everyone bailed! I was surprised that everyone was taking as long as they were. I ended up leaving in less that 5 mins and headed out by myself. In my video I talked about it. it’s kinda hard to hear cause of the wind. It was a little unfortunate cause after tht point I was without any paceline for the rest of the ride. It DID get lonely out there. But that was good. I needed the alone time. Too much stuff in the head as of late, and that alone time give me a chance to empty it out! And after 50 miles i was pretty empty! Or I should say, pretty Zen!

FOG Video

Riding Alone Video

One Square Inch of Silence

In the mornings on Saturday when I’m getting up early for a bike ride or running, I often hear snippets of Living on Earths radio show on the local radio station. One morning this story came on and it stopped me in my tracks. Literally. Then there was the sounds of the forest that came on. Just wild noises of the forest. All natural. For that 20 secs that they played those sounds I just started crying. I kinda felt that I was crying for Mother Earth. For the beauty and richness that she has for us and that we have totally taken advantage of. I felt a loss. Loss of something sacred. Something that was bigger than me. Also the overwhelming beauty of the sounds. I’ve rarely been struck to have such an emotional reaction to sound, but this was defintely one. Give it a listen.

One Square Inch of Silence