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October, 2009:

Coffeeman’s dilemma

I like coffee. I have a small coffee pot (Mr. Coffee) maker that makes about 4 cups. Since I’ve moved, I’ve come to realize that my coffee mug collection is seriously depleated. That will be remedied, but just not soon enough…

So take my extra huge coffee cup mug and it basically is filled with all of the coffee from the pot. You’d think, awesome, right? Not really. Here’s why:

So you’re sipping from that coffee mug and really it’s too much all at once. By the time you get down to the half way point, you have passed the hot temperature point for the ideal setting for coffee. It’s going lukewarm and soon to be cold. Not good.

Now if you had gotten a smaller cup, you’d be sippin it and by the time you finished it would have still be hot. Now you go back to the coffee pot and pour yourself some more. Only, now the coffee pot, which was still on, has burned down some of the precious brew and left you with a syrupy concentrate. Yuck. Actually it’s not that bad, but I can tell that some of the water has evaporated out and the bitterness has set it.

It is a dilemma, but it is easily solved – get a new coffee pot that has a carafe for the coffee that doesn’t sit under a hot plate. The only problem is that many times these carafe coffee makers are super large, meaning that they make 8 to 12 cups of coffee at a time. Too much for the solo household dweller.

Honestly, I already have 4 different coffee makers. I should just go back to the french press. Guess it’s time to buy a kettle!

Too long gone…

Now it’s just a shame that I haven’t been here in too long. So much has happened since my last real entry.

First off, I did complete the MS150 back in April. Unfortunately, the first day of the race was rained out! The entire halfway point campsite got washed out! I luckily hitched a ride with Bayou City Outdoors and camped out with them. The following day they took me and quite a few others to the start site and we were off! It was not my best ride, but considering that I didn’t get a chance to ride the second day LAST year, it was a nice new route to me. Tons of people were out there. Still an amazing event. Total money raised for MS, around $1700!!! Thank you to all my sponsors, ya’ll were tremendous!

After the MS150, I took a break from much of my Athletic activites. I finally found a new place to live and have moved! I spent about 2 months getting the place fixed up. New coats of paint, new outlets, switches, closet shelving, etc…there is more to do, but I am now living in it. And that’s a good thing! I need to get some pictures up soon.

Back at the Marathon training. I’m training again with USA Fit, Houston. They have graciously made me an assistant coach in the yellow pace group. That’s been great! I made registration for the 2010 Houston Marathon. Lucky, considering that the full marathon registration list sold out in 48 hrs. I also am registered for the MS150 ride again. This time I got early registration priority due to having raised over $1000 from last year. Hopefully I can do that again this year!

So now, I’m up to CURRENT events…
Today is my birthday day. Nice even number of years at 38! Humorously, my scale in the bathroom has been set to 38 for over 6 months now, because I forgot I was 37! I was wishing my life away!!

Yesterday was the Houston Half Marathon. 13.1 mile around the Allen Parkway loop. Me and about 3000 other people. In 2007, my first year to run it, I finished in 2hr and 22mins. In 2008 I finished in 2:13. This year, I finished 1:59:49! A new PR!! Definitely awesome time!  Today after work I’ll be going to go and get a massage at my fav body work place, Kinetic Bodyworks. They do amazing work! Afterwards my sister and I will head on over to the Grand Luxe for some dinner, if it still isn’t raining too hard tonight. Sounds like a good day.