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October 29th, 2009:

Coffeeman’s dilemma

I like coffee. I have a small coffee pot (Mr. Coffee) maker that makes about 4 cups. Since I’ve moved, I’ve come to realize that my coffee mug collection is seriously depleated. That will be remedied, but just not soon enough…

So take my extra huge coffee cup mug and it basically is filled with all of the coffee from the pot. You’d think, awesome, right? Not really. Here’s why:

So you’re sipping from that coffee mug and really it’s too much all at once. By the time you get down to the half way point, you have passed the hot temperature point for the ideal setting for coffee. It’s going lukewarm and soon to be cold. Not good.

Now if you had gotten a smaller cup, you’d be sippin it and by the time you finished it would have still be hot. Now you go back to the coffee pot and pour yourself some more. Only, now the coffee pot, which was still on, has burned down some of the precious brew and left you with a syrupy concentrate. Yuck. Actually it’s not that bad, but I can tell that some of the water has evaporated out and the bitterness has set it.

It is a dilemma, but it is easily solved – get a new coffee pot that has a carafe for the coffee that doesn’t sit under a hot plate. The only problem is that many times these carafe coffee makers are super large, meaning that they make 8 to 12 cups of coffee at a time. Too much for the solo household dweller.

Honestly, I already have 4 different coffee makers. I should just go back to the french press. Guess it’s time to buy a kettle!