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Lola’s in the Heights

Was looking for dinner tonight so I decided to go and check out the new Lola’s on Yale and 14th Street. There are already plenty of reviews out on the web which are easily found with a simple googling, but most are for the breakfast that is served there. I went and got dinner. Kinda mixed.

Got the Steak Frite. 10oz boneless ribeye, chimichurri, with Hand tossed parmesan fries. $13 + tax.

Steak Frite

Steak Frite

I asked for my ribeye to be medium rare and it came that way. Very tasty all by it self. But it got even better with the chimichurri sauce. Zippy, zangy, tangy and tasty stuff. I had it on every bite except for four which I had A1 steak sauce for. And it wasn’t as good as the chimichurri. The fries were another matter. Frozen and then fried, which makes for a mushy fry, didn’t do well under copious amounts of dry parmesan cheese. Mushy dry frys. Not yum.

I did pick up a menu and will work my way though.

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