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February 25th, 2010:

MS150 Training Ride #7

Hello everyone!

Couple of things before you hit play on my latest and greatest video. First off, I am still trying to determine what’s going on with my dontations to my fundraising. The reason for my consern is that my folks donated and it still hasn’t shown up on my scrolling donation meter on the MS site. Not good. I have changed the way the links are done on my site, youtube and on facebook. Hopefully this will prevent any problems in the future.

Also a word about the videos. There is no script. There is no multiple takes. I often don’t get a chance to review the clips after I have recorded them. The main reason being that the pocket picture camera I use, has a VERY old battery. It doesn’t last very long. If I was reviewing all the clips I took, it would be dead before I made it out to the bike ride! (This is being corrected as I type, I bought two new batteries off of Amazon!)

I want to give a shout out to my good friend Mike Collings, who made it out and rode with me. He’s the guy I rode with the first time and did many training rides with over these last couple of years. Our conversations about real life, work and biking have made it made it worth all the while. He may not be the fastest out there, but he sure is the funniest and best damn rider friend to have out there!

And remember folks, I ride because people with MS can’t. The money you donate to my page, goes to developing research to finding a cure to beat MS. Give what you can, and I’ll keep riding!

Here is the link to donate: