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Partners needs

While at the gym to day I over heard some older men talking about women. Just give them what they want…they’re going to get it anyways! hahaha! And we just keep on giving it to them, whatever they ask for. HAHAHA!

And so on. You’ve heard the conversation. It’s been ridiculed in comedy standup for ages.

I was thinking about it while doing my gym workout sets.

So you give your wife, everything (materialistic stuff) she asks for and she is always asking for more. And you continue to give her the stuff she asks for. I’m thinking about the dynamic of this relationship. What is truly happening here? At one level is sounds like the people in the relationship aren’t really getting what they truly want. It isn’t about the stuff. Maybe if we paid attention to one another more closely, we could figure out or listen more closely to what that person wants/needs from the relationship. Maybe it’s encouragement, emotional support, honest conversation. Instead of filling those needs with physical junk we don’t need that doesn’t stop the yearning, maybe try digging a little deeper to give your partner something a bit more meaningful.

So what do I need/want from my partner?

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