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June, 2011:

3 month condensed

Wow. So much has happened. Amazing how sometimes life can just TAKE OFF.

I meet a woman.
We feel in love.
We got engaged.
We moved in together.
At a new place for the two of us.
Have had all kinds of issues with the new place and challenges with the landlord.
Get got robbed.

Anyone of those things on a singular basis would be enough for one person for a month’s, but this has all pretty much happened in the last 3 months. Well I met my future wife some time ago, but I’m excluding that.

Interesting thing about the robbery, I lost a few things that were more important to me in my past than in my current time. For instance, I got my turntables and mixer stolen. If that had happen 8 years ago I would have been much more devestated. Now, not so much. I morn the loss of my camera, but the reality is that I haven’t been taking that many pictures with it. The irony of that statement is the day we were robbed, I had a gig to do a photo shoot for a private event.

God, are you trying to tell me something? I will say, my love for my gal has been strengthened!