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August 16th, 2011:

Better being positive

Lately it seems that I’ve been struggling with a lot of “hard stuff”, life challenges you could call them. It’s okay cause I see it as normal, but I find my propensity to then want to spew, and I DO mean to use that word, on the social networks in a frustrated ‘rage’. Why? Am I looking for attention? Most likely. Plus I know it’s NOT helpful to my whole social media experience (that’s the marketer in me talking…) Klout measurement or for the bombardment to my friends and acquaintances. I mean, really who wants to hear someone spew negative shite?

Seems like this spewing behavior on social media outlets is part of the norm for most people, as I see it. Most times I attribute it to people who are “unaware” of what they do and the consequence of what they do. Or maybe they just really don’t care. Well I do care and I putting this out on my blog as a way to reinforce my commitment to keeping my social media comments as positive.

Onwards and upwards!