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Self Portrait 2013

Selfie taken in early 2013.

The About Page.
Not a fun page to write about, but it is necessary, and actually it’s a common destination for many web visits. It is the perfect place to summarize up just what this “blog” destination is all about, right?

I started this blog when I got the idea to claim my digital domain. Early on I realized that the digital presence of “ourselves” was going to be come more and more important in our lives and I wanted to claim my stake out there in the internet hinterlands. Over the years what I discuss and how I do that has changed, but first and for most it has been about the personal journey for personal development. If you are on that path, then hopefully some of my discussions on that and sharing of my own journeys will be helpful to you.

And that’s what I want to do on this blog. Now as far as to WHO I AM, well lets just list a bunch of bullet points and leave it at that shall we?

  • trail runner
  • mountain biker
  • foodie/cook
  • cocktail drinker/craft beer lover
  • wrist watch enthusiast
  • art spectator
  • photographer
  • social media enthusiast
  • Maven – sharer of information
  • health conscious
  • environmentalist
  • music lover, in particular electronica/techno and indie rock/pop
  • technology geek
  • clothing conscious man [Yes I love shoes too…]