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There are writers and then there is…

Susannah Breslin.

Probably one of the most ‘real’ writings I’ve ever read about a woman surviving breast cancer. I’ve been following her for a couple of years now absorbing her writings from the business side of pornography, to self analysis of why you need to look deeply as to what you do for work, to surviving cancer. She does it all with a sharp, very sharp, biting writing style. This last piece, just published on Men’s Health, is a cumulation of this. Hotly crafted pure expression about her personal experience that she has tapped into and put done in an unmistakable style of writing it is all her own. Absolutely incredible writing. Go. Read. Now.

What Surviving Cancer REALLY taught Her
“After my cancer experience, I kept waiting for the divine epiphany…”

NOTE: Susannah Breslin is NOT for the faint, weak of heart, or those who can’t deal with sexuality. And not for anyone under 16. Also if you are looking for amazing tips on how to get yourself motivated for employment, check out her past writings on

Winter Cometh

Here it is, my final compilation for the year. It is about CD length in time. These are tracks that I’ve heard, gathered and enjoyed this last quarter of 2011. It’s mixed up a bit with Post Punk, electronic, techno and indie. Not stuff you’ll find on the radio. Making this available one of two ways: Spotify link at the bottom, or you can download the whole thing here and burn your own cd.

1 True Lies The New Division Shadows
2 Nodding Off (feat. Best Coast) Wavves Life Sux – EP
3 Bullet Ben Sims Smoke & Mirrors
4 Into the Trees Still Corners Creatures of an Hour
5 Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer The Ropes Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer
6 Cigars N Money Dom And Roland The Big Bang LP
7 Circles and Squares We Were Promised Jetpacks In the Pit of the Stomach
8 So Long Thieving Irons
9 Fever Dreams Nurses Dracula
10 Dark Darkness Ft. Teachers Chllngr Haven
11 Palomino Mates of State Mountaintops
12 Answer Cant Dreams Come True
13 Dark into Light AM & Shawn Lee Celestial Electric
14 Adrift Tycho Dive
15 The Beast Laura Marling A Creature I Don’t Know
16 Call It Off Washed Out Amor Fati


Listen on Spotify : HERE

Download all: HERE
On the Fileserver download page, scroll down and click the free slow download. Follow instructions and wait.


Just a simple old test to see how posting from the new iPad looks and works.

Better being positive

Lately it seems that I’ve been struggling with a lot of “hard stuff”, life challenges you could call them. It’s okay cause I see it as normal, but I find my propensity to then want to spew, and I DO mean to use that word, on the social networks in a frustrated ‘rage’. Why? Am I looking for attention? Most likely. Plus I know it’s NOT helpful to my whole social media experience (that’s the marketer in me talking…) Klout measurement or for the bombardment to my friends and acquaintances. I mean, really who wants to hear someone spew negative shite?

Seems like this spewing behavior on social media outlets is part of the norm for most people, as I see it. Most times I attribute it to people who are “unaware” of what they do and the consequence of what they do. Or maybe they just really don’t care. Well I do care and I putting this out on my blog as a way to reinforce my commitment to keeping my social media comments as positive.

Onwards and upwards!

3 month condensed

Wow. So much has happened. Amazing how sometimes life can just TAKE OFF.

I meet a woman.
We feel in love.
We got engaged.
We moved in together.
At a new place for the two of us.
Have had all kinds of issues with the new place and challenges with the landlord.
Get got robbed.

Anyone of those things on a singular basis would be enough for one person for a month’s, but this has all pretty much happened in the last 3 months. Well I met my future wife some time ago, but I’m excluding that.

Interesting thing about the robbery, I lost a few things that were more important to me in my past than in my current time. For instance, I got my turntables and mixer stolen. If that had happen 8 years ago I would have been much more devestated. Now, not so much. I morn the loss of my camera, but the reality is that I haven’t been taking that many pictures with it. The irony of that statement is the day we were robbed, I had a gig to do a photo shoot for a private event.

God, are you trying to tell me something? I will say, my love for my gal has been strengthened!