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MS150 2010 Training #8

Hello everyone!

Sorry about the delay for posting. I HAVE been training. Honest. Plus I have tons more video footage that I am slogging though to get processed and coherintly put into some sort of story! This video is actually a little different. There is no biking involved. But don’t be confused. That’s intentional! Actually, running is an excellent cross training activity for all the biking that I do. I signed up for the HoustonFIT StayFit running program and they had us do this rodeo run. It was a lot of fun and very very crowded. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the next two bike video’s coming up!

And remember, I am participating in the MS150 to help raise money for research to help find a cure for MS. I do all this running, biking and training, because people with MS cannot. Please donate and help out. Thanks!

Here is the link to donate: