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2010 MS150 Training Ride #6

Hey everyone! Here is the latest video of my training rides. You will notice that #5 is missing. This is intention. I’m still working on it. It’s going to be quite a different video than these. Stay tuned. In the mean time, here is Feb 13th, 2010 Training Ride #6:

Just a few things to add: My watch/GPS said I did 48 miles, while the map was 46 miles. I did ride with a friend and her father for almost the entire route. It was nice to not have to ride alone! At one of the rest stops, I had stepped in some standing water which got my shoe covers wet. (Which I found out about later) This was a major reason why my feet were cold for most of the ride! Argh! For those that are interested, below is the map that they give us. I’ve modified it a little to fit here, but you get the idea.

After the ride, I met up with some of my team mates Bayou City Outdoors at a near by Chili’s to warm up and fill out tummies with some grub. It was good to see that I wasn’t the only one who struggled with the cold that day!

About the video. My knowledge of Final Cut Express is coming along. I am realizing the limitations of my “camera” that I’m using. I am using a pocket camera on VIDEO mode. The camera is 3 years old and there for the battery gives out much earlier than it should! For instance: I really wanted to video the entire road trip out to the location and was then going to speed it up in Final Cut, but if I had done that, the battery would have been dead for the bike ride! Also it is kinda hard to remember to VIDEO stuff! I’m supposed to be training! Lol!!! Oh well, I’m giving it my best shot and I’m having fun while doing it.

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2010 MS150 Training Ride #4

Here is my second video of the 4th MS150 training ride.

I’m really tired right now. Will come back and edit this back with more info tomorrow or later.

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2010 MS150 Training Ride #3

Well it’s my first official training for the MS150 for 2010! Unfortunately I was not able to go out with the riding group and get it done. I had a very busy day full of things that couldn’t wait, so I got up extra early and biked at home on the trainer.

I was very excited! Bwhahaha! Hopefully my “video” presence will improve!
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Donate to Eric’s MS150 fund.