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#TuesdayTunes 11/5


Time for another collection of great tunes for Tuesday. One is a reissue, another is a new video off an album from earlier this year and finally a brand spanking new one. Covering the spectrum here, but all great stuff. So put on the headphones and give a listen…

Picked up classic reissued #acid #techno track by Milton Bradley from Hardwax. Start the mind melt with Alien Rain’s Alienated 3B.


Chvrches does an official video to my favorite song off their new album, The Bones Of What You Believe… here’s LIES.


M.I.A.‘s new album drops TODAY. Matangi – Hear the heavy drop of Karmageddon.

#TuesdayTunes – 10/29


The Water – Homeless, off of their 2012 album Scandals and Animals. – This is more of a instrumental track, but it is epic. To me this song sounds like “storytelling” only without words. Listen here:

And remember the classic 80’s tune “Cars” from Gary Numan?

Well he’s released a new album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind), back in mid October of this year. Really reminescent of some Nine Inch Nails material… and as a matter of fact is touring with them currently. My personal favorite track is the Love Hurt Bleed song. Kinda weird video, but a great song.

Of course there is a old hip-hop remake/redo of Cars by J Dilla called TRUCKS. Funny and excellent.