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Putting Up My Work Portfolio

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Well I finally did it. Got some of my design work up on a hosted place, Behance, where it can be viewed on the web. Not the prettiest format, but I’m made headway and got it OUT. First step, in a long time.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the tab at the top of the page, “Work Portfolio”. Click that and then come back when you’ve finished looking around…

I am, of course, completely not happy with it… Without a doubt I chalk it up to having not wanting to think about it. There is a lot, a LOT of work that I’ve done and shuffling through it all, organizing, curating, and then writing about it is completely overwhelming. And trying to do this after a busy day at the office is, well, pretty exhausting.

Funny thing about it all though is that I feel really good about having made this first step. It is a big weight it off my shoulders, a release. I’m in shock by just how much there is! Holy cow. Clearly I’ve gone for the shot gun approach right now, spraying a bit of everything up there. Over time I’ll whittle it down and improve what I put up.

The cool thing about this Behance site is that they have a section that can convert the online portfolio locker into a pretty slick website. I may eventually move to that or figure out away to replicate it and then put it on my other website, Until then, I’m feeling great so far with what I’ve done.

What do you think?

To heal or to clone?

After taking a bunch of product shots in the studio at work, I’m processing them.  Doing the usual, spotting, sharpening, color correcting… It’s been a little while since I’ve done a significat amount and realizing that for spotting, the Spot Healing tool is the first tool you go to. But you know what? Sometimes, there is a spot/dust in a place where the Healing function operates kinda weird and does some blurring that is too noticeable. That’s when you gotta switch to the tried and true, CLONE tool! It’s more “manual” and sometimes can be very tricky to align up a perfect spot, but when it works, it can be perfect.

So remember kids, that it’s about using ALL the tools in your tool box, not just the easiest or newest!

Single and President of USA?

If the nation elected a single man, meaning not married, to the office of the President, then would he have the work ethic of those business execs who works all the time including weekends? That way when summer rolled around and he didn’t take any vacation, the media and pundits would have to find something else to complain about.

What if…

Was alerted to a movie that has somewhat already taken this premise: The American President. (hat tip to @daspolitics)