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Turkey Trot and 30K runs…

On Thanksgiving day, morning, I went with my girlfriend and a running friend to the Houston 5k and 10k Turkey Trot run. About 7000 people showed up. Last year it was bitterly cold and windy. This year, very warm! Anyways I’ve never really kept track of my 5k time, so i decided that I would see just how fast i could trot this turkey! 23min 59sec for the 5k. I’m establishing that as my 5k PR for now.

A couple of days later, HoustonFIT had their 30k training run. That’s about 18.6 miles. We started at 5:30am witha  color group wave start. Ran for just around 3hr 13 mins. Felt pretty good, except at the end when I got pretty tired. I am very encouraged with my progress this year vs last year. Feeling much more like I will actually be able to finish, or at least, get much farther on the marathon course. Plus I’m gonna estimate that the marathon will take me about 4hr 30mins.

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