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January, 2009:

2nd training ride.

This was the second training ride of the year for me. I was by myself and rode about 40 miles in about 2hrs 23 mins. It was chilly! Turned out to a really beautiful day though. The massage afterwards by Kinetic Bodyworks was awesome. Angela and Cheryl are great ladies. If you need massage they are the ones to go to.

Social media – Twitter.

With the current flow of activities that has brought me into contact with a few new people, I’ve been exposed to quite a few people who use that twitter “thang”.

So you can now follow me –


Lets see where this takes us…

Boo Williams at Block21.

Slide show of photos, just a few, from the Boo Williams event at Block21 here in Houston. I didn’t do a great job of getting photos, but I really didn’t feel like playing mr photographer. I ended up spending much more time in the backroom/second room where Henry, Marcus, Jeff and Andrei played. Main room was totally crowded.

First time to the Block21 venue. It was alright. Nothing to be really excited about though. I might go again, but again it would have to be to see someone I really want to see…for free.

Jeff handed out free cd’s of his newest mix. Awesomeness. He should be posting it up soon on his site. Check him out.

Changing of the bag.

My Eagle Creek messenger bag.

My Eagle Creek messenger bag.

This is the old bag. Eagle Creek. Been awesome. Not one problem. Had it since 1996.

Timbuk2 Slim Commuter Bag - Large.

Timbuk2 Slim Commuter Bag - Large.

And today I got a new bag. I needed something to be able to carry around a 17″ Mac Book Pro. Now this bag is really only supposed to carry a 15″, but the 17″ fits nicely. It’s probably not as spacious as the Eagle Creek, but the E.C. wasn’t designed to carry a laptop. This one is. Most of the time I won’t be carrying the laptop, mostly only on weekends. So I’m going to be testing this one out for a little while and just give the E.C. some time off. It hasn’t had a vacation…ever.

Houston Cheveron Marathon

Yup. Finished it. Been about a week now. 5 hrs and 17mins. Not bad and I finished strong too. Check the video, I’m about 14 secs in with the yellow shirt and blue hat on the right side:



That was a great moment. Especially considering the trouble I had the last 5 weeks with my IT Band. The run was tough and painful, but no so bad as to stop me this year. Last year I had to quit after 12.5 miles. Very frustrating. This year I made it all the way. 5 hrs, 17 min, 14 sec. Next up is the MS150.