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February, 2009:

Valentines Day Ride & Wallers County Line BBQ (4th training ride.)

Another weekend ride, training for the MS150. This week we started out near Zube Park off of 290 and Roberts Road. That’s pretty far out past the Hwy 6 loop, which is out side of the Beltway 8 loop with is out past the 610 Loop. It took me about 45 mins just to get out to the meeting spot!
When I got there and met up with my friend Mike, I realized that we had done this ride before last year. It’s a pretty nice ride. The route has an L shape to it with a 10 mile loop at the end before you come back the way you came from. Fluor was the sponser for this ride and they did it up pretty well. Two rest stops that were fully stocked. I think they really went a little overboard with the candy, with it being Valentine’s day, but the riders liked it. Restrooms were a bit of a problem with none at the starting site (an elementry school) nor any at the rest stops. But for a guy it wasn’t too much of a problem to find some bushes. Ladies on the other hand, I feel your pain!
Weather was overcast with some wind blowing. No real chill in the air, but it was cool with the wind. I had shorts and a short sleeve shirt on, then with a thin wind breaker jacket on top. No long fingered gloves, but I did see quite a few with LOTS of clothes on. I personally was more worried about rain, but it stayed away during the entirety of the ride for us. The good organization of Fluor got the ride started right on time at 8am.
The first leg of the L had a pretty strong cross wind that hit us at a 90 degree from out side. Not much of a problem, but once we made the turn on the L, it was directly infront of us. It was strong, but it wasn’t slowing us to 14mph speeds. We got into some easy pace lines and were able to keep it at 15-16mph. After the second rest stop and starting the 10 mile loop, it got to be lots of fun at that 5mile mark where when we came back there was a strong wind on our back. That’s when we all realized we’d be having wind on our back the enitre way home! Woot. Miles were eaten up by 20mph speeds. I did make mental note of the BBQ restaurant on the way back , so I could stop by after the ride before going home for the day. Interesting note – in one of the photos, if you look closely or actually go to flicker and look at it big, you can see parachute jumpers coming down. Yeah! We pass by a parachute jumping business. Looks kinda fun!
The last leg of the ride was tough, mostly cause by that time we had spent 3 hrs on the bike. It was beginning to be the upper limit of my current level of training. Luckily we still have almost 2 months of time left before the final ride.
Got back to the start/finish area in just over 3 hrs. My timer was a little off, missed 2 miles of riding from not remembering to start the timer after leaving the last restop. Did some stretching and then headed over the Waller County Line BBQ. Time to eat.
Basically it’s a large gas station with a mini mart and restaurant area all rolled into one. There is a saloon/bar/dance club next door. But it was closed. Inside the restaurant I got in the line and heard the majority of peeps ordering the chopped beef sandwich. I did the same, all the way, onions and pickles, and I got the “spicy” sauce, which everyone seemed to avoid. I thought, too hot? Picked up a cold shiner from the open tub of ice and paid about $8 for everything. Sandwich was big and messy. Funny thing though was the sauce wasn’t spicy. It was more sweet than anything else. I was wondering if they gave me the wrong sauce? Hopefully next year when I return for the ride, I can convince others to come with and I can try out more of their BBQ plates. Until then, enjoy the pictures!

Garage apartment.

(updated 4/27/2009)

I am looking for a new residence here in Houston.

What I’m looking for:

Garage apartment
700 sq ft min.
$850 max montly
central AC
somesort of off street parking

window units

Areas of town preferred:
Garden Oaks
Oak Forest
Museum District
West University/Rice

I’m not in a rush. I’m looking more for the perfect place, rather than just leaving where I currently am.

Have info? Have questions? Contact me. (832) 567-0974 is my number if you got something hot. Thanks everyone!

Chilosos Taco House

Got a chance to go and check out the Chilosos Taco House in the Heights this weekend with a friend. Quite tasty. And not too much dinero too!. Very nice. Definitely worth a couple of return visits. They also have a breakfast menu.

Chiloso’s Taco House 701 E 20th St. Houston, TX 77008. 713-868-2273
google map

Do over, is redone.

I finally decided to redo my whole domain. Instead of having a static html front page for my domain, for now I’ve decided to go ahead and use WordPress as my site. I don’t know what I’m going to do about setting up my graphic designer stuff and portfolio, but for now this will work fine for me. I’m back up and have re posted all the old posts.  Have plenty of new stuff to post too. Stay tuned!

3rd training ride.

Another beautiful morning for a ride. Started out at the Katy Highschool and road out to monaville. This is NOT my fav ride. I actually don’t like the first leg of this trip. The second part is alright and it is what we did for the second training ride. This time my friend Mike was out there with me. I also bumped into my neighbor/friends Will & Melissa. The most killer thing about the whole ride was the heady gusty winds on the way back in. Tough. The picture of the line of bicyclists is the pace line I was in that was doing 13 mph into the wind. Ugh. But at last leg of the ride, I pushed it extra hard with me and Mike. Gave it 100% effort. At that point, luckily, the wind was blowing from the side. Felt good to push it at the end! 42 miles in 2hrs 45mins.

Dunno what’s happening to me though. This was the second time I’ve forgotten a bike water bottle behind at the parking lot when I leave. I wouldn’t mind leaving the bad crappy ones, but I’m leaving the good ones! Dang it!