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3rd training ride.

Another beautiful morning for a ride. Started out at the Katy Highschool and road out to monaville. This is NOT my fav ride. I actually don’t like the first leg of this trip. The second part is alright and it is what we did for the second training ride. This time my friend Mike was out there with me. I also bumped into my neighbor/friends Will & Melissa. The most killer thing about the whole ride was the heady gusty winds on the way back in. Tough. The picture of the line of bicyclists is the pace line I was in that was doing 13 mph into the wind. Ugh. But at last leg of the ride, I pushed it extra hard with me and Mike. Gave it 100% effort. At that point, luckily, the wind was blowing from the side. Felt good to push it at the end! 42 miles in 2hrs 45mins.

Dunno what’s happening to me though. This was the second time I’ve forgotten a bike water bottle behind at the parking lot when I leave. I wouldn’t mind leaving the bad crappy ones, but I’m leaving the good ones! Dang it!

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