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March 14th, 2009:

9th training ride, B-geO Magnolia Miles

Sat 3-14
B-geO Chariety Ride

I took this ride to avoid going to the Katy training ride put on by the CVX group. I hate that route and won’t do it again. So I plunked down the $25 for the charity ride out in the Montgomery area. I was going to be riding by myself. None of my regular bike friends were going to be joining me today. My plan was to do the 71 miler route. It was looking sketchy out side, very gray and the roads were wet from rain during the night.
I found the school grounds we were to start from, got my car parked and started unloading the car. I got the guys next to me to take the first shot of me standing with the bike.
The goodies for this charity ride were pretty good. We got a shirt along with one of those new recyleable grocery bags. Also a pair of biking socks! That was cool. I got my goodies and dropped them off in the car and then went back to the starting line.
It seemed like I waited for quite a while before we actually got started. They had announcments, listing of the all the sponsers of the ride, a prayer, and before all of that, the Village People, YMCA song. Too much! It was a little chilly and windy, so i guess the DJ was just trying to entertain the folks and keep them pumped!
The turn out wasn’t all that big, probably several hundred. I could be wrong though. Once we got started it was pretty nice. The first part was though some neighborhoods that eventually lead out to open country roads. Once I hit those it got hard cause there was quite a bit of wind and it got a little cold. I had also gotten new plates for the bottoms of my shoes, so if felt as if they were off on the alighment. What ended up happening is I think it put my feet to sleep. But the time I had gotten to the second and third rest stop, it was clear that I was NOT going to be making the entire 71 miles. I made the decision at the last rest stop before the no return point on to the 71mile route. I took a little video of me riding with the wind, which you can hear, and deciding that the shorter route is better.

I had gotten about 4 miles in to the last leg, when I hit glass and popped my rear tire. By that time, I didn’t care and decided to SAG it in. I waited for someone to pick me and my bike up and take us to the finish line. I was too cold and tired to even try to change a back tire flat. On the way back we drove past the house of a automotive dealer mongle in Houston. He had some crazy sculptures in there. I got a few pictures of their craziness.
Arriving back I put away the bike and changed and then made my way to some BBQ cooking that was being offered for 5 dollars. That’s a great price for the BBQ we got.

Over all the charity ride was good. I look forward to riding it again next year when the weather will be better so I can better check out the terrain. It was a good training ride, despite the wind and cold. Taking the video was great though. Enjoy!

Let me just say that facebook is having an issue right now and you can’t see the video here. It should be fixed soon. FIXED!