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Continental Airlines Cycling Classic 2009

First off I just wanted to say a public thank you to all who have contributed to my MS150 donation account. My fundraising is going great!
Secondly, the MS150 Houston to Austin ride HAS NOT HAPPENED! The ride takes place in April 18th-19th 2009!
Thirdly, if you do not like getting the notifications about my training updates with a link to my website, not a problem. I can remove you off of my annoucement lists. The whole event for training for the MS150 is a 4 month event for me that represents a significant about of time and dedication for me. I just wanted to share a bit of my experience with everytone. Once the MS150 ride is over, I’ll stop sending out “announcements” about updates on my web page! Hopefully you will visit on your own.

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This year I did the Continental Classic ride as a team member. Part of my plan for the MS150 this year was to do it a bit differently from last year. I signed up as a team member with the Continental Airlines group. They are free to join, with the only stipulation is that they ask that you a) ride the continental classic ride and b) buy a continental airlines team member biker shirt. For doing that they let you on the team. The reason why this is good is for the ride. At the end of the first day you ride into the “fairgrounds” in Bastrop, Tx. It’s a huge area with these massive tents set up representing each “team”. Continental has one of the poshest tent of them all! It’s still going to noisy as all get out, but it’s a much different experience for me from last year, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

I caravaned with my neighbors, Will & Melissa, to the Montgomery High School Sports Complex, which was the same location as last year. Only this time we got there a bit late. We has miscalculated the about of time to get there, so we rolled up by the time the first wave of riders were leaving! And it was the wave were were supposed to be in!  I had signed up for the 71 mile length. We parked as quickly as we could, threw our things together and managed to get going in about 30 mins.

There were to main differences this year from last, the weather and the distance. I had done a shorter distance last year, I think the 41 mile, while this year I was doing the 71. Also it was MUCH warmer this year. In some of the self portrait shots I took of myself while riding, you can see the sweat on my face.

Couple of things: I nearly lost my brand new glasses at one of the rest stops! (Found them!) The wind wasn’t as bad as some of the other rides so far this season. I spent a lot of time on the road alone or not in any sort of pace line. I’m trying to remember to take more photos of rest stops or of interesting things as I ride along. Sometimes I do a better job than other times!

After four hours of riding, I finally rolled back in to the complex. Upon completing the ride you were treated to a free hotdog lunch. I was looking forward to my “dog”! The only sad thing was that they were out of buns when i walked up. They were just about out of food! I quickly took too weiners and just filled the rest of the plate with condiments and ate the whole thing man style with my hands. As I was sitting there on the curb with mustard on my chin, on of the servers comes up to me with a bin full of hot dogs WITH buns and he says, “We found some buns!” I took another and just as quickly consumed it!

I finished packing up and heading home. Only I had to make a pit stop at the bike store for a couple of things. One, I needed to get my bike inspected for the MS150 ride and secondly it had been a very long time since I have had a basic tune up of my bike. I also needed to replace the cleats in my bike shoes which were worn out from being walked on. I took my bike to West End Bicycles, where I’ve had good customer service. I had also gotten myself a personal bike fitting there last year. They quickly looked over the bike and said that there were no major issues, but that the chain needed to be replaced. I said okay, took my pickup ticked and planned a return for Thursday to pick it up.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this latest edition of my training!

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