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May, 2009:

Making a list

So sitting at Catalina’s coffee yesterday after a hectic stressful day at work. Having a delicious latte with a apricot danish. I’m essentially passing some time before heading over to the 1400 bar and grill on Shephard. New place and it’s the spot for the May Bayou City Outdoors Meet and Greet.

I think it was the fact that the day had been stressful at work and because of some situations that occurred it made me think about – What am I doing? Mostly because I felt that from the situation that happened at work, I had a bit of a reactionary response vs. a more metered appropiate response. Not that I had some sort of kicking screaming crying sort of thing, but I did notice how my brain’s ability to think clearly with out emotional distraction or influence stopped after I got the news I got. (Can you tell I don’t want to say what the event was!?!?!) So that triggered this list while sitting at Catalina’s.


Keeping Healthy
Continue yoga/running/stretching/ working out
Monitoring what I eat
Monitor alcohol consumption

Moving Out
Reconsider acceptable option of a place
less space is okay
rethink/let go having to have ALL of my funiture in storage put into the new place. Surely I can live without it. What is REALLY needed?

Keep focused on work tasks
Don’t take things personally
Everyone is having a hard time & is stressed as well
What are you learning from these difficult stituations at work?

No one night stands/sleepovers
Keep friends – no need to be monopolized or isolated from others

What am I doing?
How am I spending my energy?
When I get energy/energized from something – what am I channeling that energy into? How am I focusing it?
Remember the yoga breath.