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Breakfast table observations

Hmm…don’t know if the simply moving to another place and doing something a little different is really making a difference. So I’m trying this experiment of not eating my breakfast in front of the computer in the morning. Want to be a little more mindful of what I’m eating in the morning. I’ve been eating in my “dining” room next to the kitchen in the mornings now for the past two days. I have noticed a couple of things.

⁃    The room is warmer than the computer room. Benefit with all this cold weather we’ve been having.
⁃    My big ass table, needs to be cleared of all the construction junk. I’m doing that tomorrow night.
⁃    Those folding chairs I got. Cheapo, but not comfortable. I just wish 4-6 chairs were not so expensive. IKEA or start looking for used.
⁃    The lighting is for blind cave newts. Must. Improve.

I think that some of this is starting to show a bigger picture for me. One is that the tasks that are need to be completed for my “cascita” is a long list and I think I a have been overwhelmed by it. The list of tasks are many and I haven’t made that list. Not doing that, it ends up getting forgotten and then my mind mentally blocks it from my conscious. I’m then left with a incomplete place. It’s not like the tasks are hard…quite easy really. I just need to make the list and start checking it off.

LIST OF HOUSE TO DOs: (subject to change)

Dining room:
•    clear off table
•    new chairs
•    new over head light/lamp
•    replace paper blinds with “real” blinds
•    drape/curtain for back door
•    cover up outlets/holes
•    get recycling bins and move outside

•    find drape for window over sink
•    hanging shelf for pots/pans

Living room/entrance
•    Get a sofa
•    Get some shelves
•    put away boxes
•    get small drapes for door and small door side windows

Computer room
•    encode CDs/tapes/LP’s to digital format (long term project!)
•    clear away papers from filing cabinets, file them away!
•    replace ceiling fan or get it to stop squeaking
•    put up drapes
•    Install bike hook [ceiling] inside

•    Drapes (this room first, if only)
•    Check floor boards for air leak! (check out rugs from Garden Ridge (supposedly cheap)

Get protective bags and boxes to store stuff up in attic
Finish stripping inside doors, repaint, and re install inside house.

Install back porchlight
Change up light switches for backyard light and kitchen light and back room light.

Another observation to note as of late: My excitement about having met a most interesting young lady. At the first glance, she is a completely different “cut” for me. I think that one major thing to illustrate is that we don’t have so much in common in our “external” interests. Although that has yet to be discovered, it IS still early… BUT we do share a major interest on the INTERNAL. That of doing the “personal development”. That inward looking, searching, fixing/correcting, working on. Making a connection on this level is a new experience for me. For the past relationships I have had, connections on the external, Music, Photography, Sex, Art, while consuming and intense, ultimately failed for lack of being able to look beyond. Or unable to be supportive or trusting. Granted there were many issues and this is simplifying it, the point is there. I’m certainly gonna take notice. It also helps that she’s a totally cutie.

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