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February, 2010:

MS150 Training Ride #7

Hello everyone!

Couple of things before you hit play on my latest and greatest video. First off, I am still trying to determine what’s going on with my dontations to my fundraising. The reason for my consern is that my folks donated and it still hasn’t shown up on my scrolling donation meter on the MS site. Not good. I have changed the way the links are done on my site, youtube and on facebook. Hopefully this will prevent any problems in the future.

Also a word about the videos. There is no script. There is no multiple takes. I often don’t get a chance to review the clips after I have recorded them. The main reason being that the pocket picture camera I use, has a VERY old battery. It doesn’t last very long. If I was reviewing all the clips I took, it would be dead before I made it out to the bike ride! (This is being corrected as I type, I bought two new batteries off of Amazon!)

I want to give a shout out to my good friend Mike Collings, who made it out and rode with me. He’s the guy I rode with the first time and did many training rides with over these last couple of years. Our conversations about real life, work and biking have made it made it worth all the while. He may not be the fastest out there, but he sure is the funniest and best damn rider friend to have out there!

And remember folks, I ride because people with MS can’t. The money you donate to my page, goes to developing research to finding a cure to beat MS. Give what you can, and I’ll keep riding!

Here is the link to donate:

Art Nouveau Bar

I’m going to disclose a little secret here, I on a girlie email list. Not cause I’m really interested in getting the best deal on purses, the latest fashion trends or nail salon specials, but because they also have openings and preview openings of cool places to go. Well they really delivered with this one.

Location is Mid town, right on the Main street area where you can see the rail line. Parking is in the back. Pretty easy to get to, with website has directions to get there from most directions. (Link is at the bottom.)

After seeing the mini write up in the girlie email blast, I made plans with a friend and her husband to meet me out there on a wednesday for a couple of drinks. Not a happy hour night, but the email blast did give me a secret password to get a special price on the drink of the month: the Debutante made by the bar manager Alexis Casanova. Sweat tea vodka, peach schnapps, ginger juice, sour, and soda. $5 for the month of Feb if you say Tidbits. Don’t worry the sweet talkative and attentive Alexis will totally take care of your drinking needs.

But really the place is all about the LAMPS. You see, they have hundreds of reproduction tiffany lamp shades hanging from the ceiling and all around. It is gorgeous. I didn’t bring a camera, so these blurry cell phone camera pics will do for now.

Ceiling lamp closeup.

Side area.

Main area.

I did go back for a second drink, only this time I got a traditional martini, Bombay with Lillet and olives. Clean. Alexis was a doll and suggested the Lillet when she detected what a picky martini drinker I am. It was my first time using Lillet as a vermouth. I wasn’t disappointed. Delicious and very clean/neat.

Will be heading back to this place with my camera&tripod for more shots. Do stop by if you get a chance. The interior decorations are beautiful and well worth the visit. Be sure to check out the web site for more photos as well as a schedule for special events on certain days. The Tuesday Mazzy Star music night looks to be killer cool…

Nouveau Antique Art Bar
2913 Main St., Houston, TX 77002
open 6 days a week

Lola’s 2nd & 3rd visit

Well in the last month I have revisited Lola’s on two different visits. Each time with different people and at different times. Once at dinner and one during the breakfast brunch (early). Both with success.

On my second visit, I went to meet up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We spent a lot of time talking. That doesn’t mean I didn’t pay attention to my burger. The Lola Burger. 100% cerified angus, cheddar cheese, greens, tomato & pickle. Along with an order of salad. $10.

The Lola Burger

The Lola Burger with salad option.

My friend got the Aloha Chicken that is a teriyaki glazed chicken, swiss cheese, bacon and pinapple burgerwich. He got fries wid dat for $10 as well.

The Aloha Chicken with fries.

The Aloha Chicken with fries.

Both were excellent and delicious.

On my third visit, I was there on a sunday morning around 8am. This was just before the “Sunday Crush” there. Again I met up with a friend for a last minute brunch. We were not disappointed. I had heard about a comparison of waffle and chicken competition between The Breakfast Klub, Lola’s and another place, which I’ve forgotten. Lola’s came out on top. Take a look:

Fruit waffle and chicken with natural cased sausage.

Fruit waffle and chicken with natural cased sausage.

My friend got theirs with the apple bacon which they liked. My sausage was nothing inspired. But my house seasoned chicken breast was outstanding. Flavorful and moist. I had a hard time not eating it all. This is a big plate with a lot of food. My waffle came out warm and perfectly done. Personally I had kinda wished for more fruit, but was just fine the way it was. Well worth the $12, especially since I had take home leftovers.

After having been to Lola’s now three times, I can say, great place to go. I’ll be back!


1102 Yale St. Houston, TX 77008
Monday – Saturday: 7am – 10pm
Sunday: 7am – 9 pm

2010 MS150 Training Ride #6

Hey everyone! Here is the latest video of my training rides. You will notice that #5 is missing. This is intention. I’m still working on it. It’s going to be quite a different video than these. Stay tuned. In the mean time, here is Feb 13th, 2010 Training Ride #6:

Just a few things to add: My watch/GPS said I did 48 miles, while the map was 46 miles. I did ride with a friend and her father for almost the entire route. It was nice to not have to ride alone! At one of the rest stops, I had stepped in some standing water which got my shoe covers wet. (Which I found out about later) This was a major reason why my feet were cold for most of the ride! Argh! For those that are interested, below is the map that they give us. I’ve modified it a little to fit here, but you get the idea.

After the ride, I met up with some of my team mates Bayou City Outdoors at a near by Chili’s to warm up and fill out tummies with some grub. It was good to see that I wasn’t the only one who struggled with the cold that day!

About the video. My knowledge of Final Cut Express is coming along. I am realizing the limitations of my “camera” that I’m using. I am using a pocket camera on VIDEO mode. The camera is 3 years old and there for the battery gives out much earlier than it should! For instance: I really wanted to video the entire road trip out to the location and was then going to speed it up in Final Cut, but if I had done that, the battery would have been dead for the bike ride! Also it is kinda hard to remember to VIDEO stuff! I’m supposed to be training! Lol!!! Oh well, I’m giving it my best shot and I’m having fun while doing it.

Please, don’t forget to donate to my MS150 fund. The money goes to raising funds for research to help find a cure for MS. I ride because those who have MS, can’t. All these videos, all these training rides, the big ride in April, it’s not about me. None of this is. It is about raising money to find a cure. Help out and donate. Thank you!