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May, 2010:

Cub Scout Badges

The other night I was walking with a friend after dinner and we got around to discussing what is important in your life, type of discussion. She mentioned that doing events/certain activities and going to special places had importance for her. These things were things that she could share with others and have a sense of accomplishment for herself. I kinda agree with her. But there is a second dimension to this equation that’s missing for me. I equate these accomplishments as Cub Scout badges. Little pieces of cloth you get and then sew onto a sash that you can then show off to others. That’s all good and fine, but ultimately I feel like these accomplishments are very “external” in their existence. These accomplishments don’t really reside INSIDE of me, except only as memories. Also the context in which this discussion was happening was that the doing of the activities, there wasn’t really mention of doing these activities WITH someone special in your life. Kinda doing them solo. Now, I don’t believe that the special person has to be RIGHT THERE with you doing the same activity…the person can be a supporter, a fellow experiencer of the event…etc. But essentially, the doing of these accomplishments are to not be done alone. They need to be shared. Or more importantly, it isn’t always the event/accomplishment that is what is important, but the person you relate it to.

Hmmm… maybe not quite right..keep trying. here:

As a person learning more about myself, for me to just go out and do things, they certainly help me in develop and get to know myself, but I feel that the real work in helping me to understand myself and where I am in the world, it really is about relationships with people and that other spiritual side/energy/god. I guess I would rather pass up a mountain climbing trip to Everest vs spending several days with someone who I can truly communicate and share myself with. Taking a walk in the park with this person on a daily basis would be far much more important to me vs a week by myself on top of the highest mountain.

I never did get many Cub Scout badges…