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February, 2011:

Returning to the top of the page…

Well hello there! Again. With the passage of time and many of events I’ve kinda decided to really force myself into a writing regime to see if I can’t improve both my skill and content creation ability. Seems like the latest things I’ve been following has talked a lot about content creation, which largely depends on writing skills. I’ve always felt that my writing skills have been sub par, so my thinking is that, if I practice more by writing something everyday, I’m bound to get better.
Along with this desire to improve my content creating and writing skills, I will also try to remain a razor sharp focus on keeping my posts short, relevant and singular in topic. If I want people to be interested in what I have to say, I need to keep them engaged with out boring them to death with an overabundance of details and endless storytelling.
So for today, blog posts to resume on my website. Posting on a daily basis. Singular topics per post. Short, sweet and poignantly written. Welcome to my journey and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all.