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List #3: I am looking forward to…

Lately the topics have been fleeting and not real substantive for me to feel compelled to sit down and write. To help me out with getting started and focused, I’m gonna to drop in these 30 Days of Lists topics. Let’s see how it goes.

I am looking forward to:

  • Proposing to my GF
  • Moving in with my GF (Fianceé)
  • Setting a getting married date
  • Finishing some large long term work projects
  • Spending more time on the new MTN Bike
  • Figuring out what the name is for my newish car (it hasn’t really spoken to me yet…)
  • Seeing how the Paleo Diet is going to work for me!

Well that’s it for now. Short and sweet and with just a little bit about myself, for the future.

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