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List 8: In the bag

List 8: What’s in my bag?
Okay so yeah, I missed a couple of posts, so sue me. Never mind, I don’t have the money! ha!

Anyways, todays list is about my bag. Funny thing is now these days I carry about TWO bags. One is a gym bag and the other is the work bag. So we’ll discard the gym bag as being in this list.

Actually I did an earlier post about my bag here. Since then I have come to really enjoy and like the bag. It’s grown on me!
So lets get to the contents:

  • 2 USB drives
    a USB multi SD card adapter
    a eyeglasses screw kit/replacement screws
    a Cross® Pen
    a rotting® 600 Newton Rollerball pen
    a rotting® 600 Newton ballpoint pen
    a Moleskin book (small)
    a Field Notes® 48 pg memo book
    extras of my business card
    an original Leatherman® Tool
    3 packages of CD mailers to send out
    1 UBS hard drive (100 gig)
    Esquire® magazine
    The Economist Magazine
    Some old mail
    a leather bound portfolio that i’ve had for years with legal sized paper pad

and that’s it!
Yep I have NO laptop. An iPhone is working pretty well for me on that front. I may eventually get an iPad, and if I do, the Timbuk2 case I got will easily accommodate for that.
I have to admit though, there are days when I just carry the bag around without opening it which makes me wonder, why bring it?
Topic for later…


  1. hotpinksox says:

    you have a lot of saving tools… USBs and a hard drive? Crazy! Or I guess I should say smart! No laptop for me either. But I want a new ipad so bad it hurts.

  2. Eric Henao says:

    i know. But i really need to get rid of them. i use a lot of cloud based sharing stuff now. dropbox is prime. except for movies. That’s what the Hard drive is for. I rip movies on the super fast machine at work and bring them home…