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August, 2011:

Single and President of USA?

If the nation elected a single man, meaning not married, to the office of the President, then would he have the work ethic of those business execs who works all the time including weekends? That way when summer rolled around and he didn’t take any vacation, the media and pundits would have to find something else to complain about.

What if…

Was alerted to a movie that has somewhat already taken this premise: The American President. (hat tip to @daspolitics)

Better being positive

Lately it seems that I’ve been struggling with a lot of “hard stuff”, life challenges you could call them. It’s okay cause I see it as normal, but I find my propensity to then want to spew, and I DO mean to use that word, on the social networks in a frustrated ‘rage’. Why? Am I looking for attention? Most likely. Plus I know it’s NOT helpful to my whole social media experience (that’s the marketer in me talking…) Klout measurement or for the bombardment to my friends and acquaintances. I mean, really who wants to hear someone spew negative shite?

Seems like this spewing behavior on social media outlets is part of the norm for most people, as I see it. Most times I attribute it to people who are “unaware” of what they do and the consequence of what they do. Or maybe they just really don’t care. Well I do care and I putting this out on my blog as a way to reinforce my commitment to keeping my social media comments as positive.

Onwards and upwards!