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Fall 2011 CD Compilation

Since I was feeling a little bummed out today, I created a CD Compilation to cheer me up. Excellent music has been coming out and this is a good mix of what I have been enjoying. This is a collection of Indie, Post Punk, Rock, Alternative, & Techno/Electronica.

It’s Time For Fall 2011


  1. Keep Time – Gauntlet Hair
  2. Hazel – Weekend
  3. Wild Palms – Sun Airway
  4. Parentheses – The Antlers
  5. WHALE – Yellow Ostrich
  6. The Modern Age – Exitmusic
  7. Hikikomori – Zola Jesus
  8. Palomino – Mates of State
  9. Engine 1 (Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones Unsubscribe Remix)  – Bryan Black presents Black Asteroid
  10. Hours – Tycho
  11. Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls
  12. Ritual Union – Little Dragon
  13. Sails – Hooray for Earth
  14. Aniborne – Echo Tongues
  15. Sunlight  – The One AM Radio
  16. Black Chow  – Big Spider’s Back
Freebie for you. Drop me a request with your mail address and I’ll send it to you. Or you can download it HERE from fileserve and burn it yourself if you prefer.
UPDATE: I got a Spotify account under my pseudonym: MrPhotomatic. I’ve made this mix shareable here: It’s Time For Fall


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard of exactly none of that! So it will be interesting at the least!  I’m pj at place dawt org; let me know where you put the image so I can snag it.

  2. Eric Henao says:

    pjz, the link is above at the end of the post. Hope you enjoy!