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September, 2013:

Random Survivalist thoughts

I think watching the Walking Dead has me thinking too much about the end of society. As if the society we lived in came to a crashing end in some sort of fashion. Zombie, epidemic, astroid…take your pick.
I catch myself thinking about urban survival tactics quite often now. Or as I look out from the windows of my car, stopped at a red light, and I just look around, imaganing what it would be like if all the cars were stopped and I had to get around by foot. Conserns about where do I find some clean water would and should be on the for front of my mind. Something that most shows never seem to think about.
What kind of survival tools would I need? Gas wouldn’t last long so some sort of getting around would be needed. Either a bike or some really really good shoes.
Guns would be nice, but tend to be bulky and bullets run out. So knives would be next. How many and what kinds? Ax? Shovel?

I think I should look into some survival style classes to easy my thoughts.

To heal or to clone?

After taking a bunch of product shots in the studio at work, I’m processing them.  Doing the usual, spotting, sharpening, color correcting… It’s been a little while since I’ve done a significat amount and realizing that for spotting, the Spot Healing tool is the first tool you go to. But you know what? Sometimes, there is a spot/dust in a place where the Healing function operates kinda weird and does some blurring that is too noticeable. That’s when you gotta switch to the tried and true, CLONE tool! It’s more “manual” and sometimes can be very tricky to align up a perfect spot, but when it works, it can be perfect.

So remember kids, that it’s about using ALL the tools in your tool box, not just the easiest or newest!