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30 Days of Lists

List 9: Fave website/blogs

Have to say, it’s not very exciting. Funny thing is that by doing this, it makes me want to look for more to add. Particularly about Paleo Diet stuff and Texas Mtn Biking.

My Google Reader page
Dappered StyleHodinkee – about watches
The Oatmeal
Eating our words (Houston Press Food Blog)
Indirect heat (food blog)
Dude, you going to eat that? (food blog)
Cycle EXIF
Daring Fireball Deal of the Day
Digital Photography Review
My Google Calendar page
Bayou City Outdoors

List 8: In the bag

List 8: What’s in my bag?
Okay so yeah, I missed a couple of posts, so sue me. Never mind, I don’t have the money! ha!

Anyways, todays list is about my bag. Funny thing is now these days I carry about TWO bags. One is a gym bag and the other is the work bag. So we’ll discard the gym bag as being in this list.

Actually I did an earlier post about my bag here. Since then I have come to really enjoy and like the bag. It’s grown on me!
So lets get to the contents:

  • 2 USB drives
    a USB multi SD card adapter
    a eyeglasses screw kit/replacement screws
    a Cross® Pen
    a rotting® 600 Newton Rollerball pen
    a rotting® 600 Newton ballpoint pen
    a Moleskin book (small)
    a Field Notes® 48 pg memo book
    extras of my business card
    an original Leatherman® Tool
    3 packages of CD mailers to send out
    1 UBS hard drive (100 gig)
    Esquire® magazine
    The Economist Magazine
    Some old mail
    a leather bound portfolio that i’ve had for years with legal sized paper pad

and that’s it!
Yep I have NO laptop. An iPhone is working pretty well for me on that front. I may eventually get an iPad, and if I do, the Timbuk2 case I got will easily accommodate for that.
I have to admit though, there are days when I just carry the bag around without opening it which makes me wonder, why bring it?
Topic for later…

List 5: Weekend Goals

Oh this one is gonna be easy! I make a huge list and end up not doing it all. At least it’s out of my head. BTW – weekend for me starts after 5pm friday when I get off from work! So here goes the brain dump:

  1. Museum of Fine Arts Impressionists & Post Impressionists exhibit with GF.
  2. Go running?
  3. Meet friends post run for breakfast at new breakfast place – Phil’s Barbque
  4. Laundry
  5. Grocery shop
  6. Meal plan for the week
  7. Wash/clean mountain bike
  8. file papers away
  9. paint doors
  10. foot massage with GF using gift certificate
  11. try out new TriggerPoint Therapy tools, following DVD
  12. Write my blog post
  13. firm up San Antonio trip plans
  14. depending on weather, bike ride at Lake Houston Wilderness Park with friends
  15. Email friend HFIT photo with ex-Mayor
  16. Email photos of Big Bend Ultra to Friends of Big Bend National Park
  17. Review freelance contract/customize for my use.

Whew! I better get started!


List #3: I am looking forward to…

Lately the topics have been fleeting and not real substantive for me to feel compelled to sit down and write. To help me out with getting started and focused, I’m gonna to drop in these 30 Days of Lists topics. Let’s see how it goes.

I am looking forward to:

  • Proposing to my GF
  • Moving in with my GF (Fianceé)
  • Setting a getting married date
  • Finishing some large long term work projects
  • Spending more time on the new MTN Bike
  • Figuring out what the name is for my newish car (it hasn’t really spoken to me yet…)
  • Seeing how the Paleo Diet is going to work for me!

Well that’s it for now. Short and sweet and with just a little bit about myself, for the future.