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New decade & new stuff…

New stuff…

Lots of new things percolating for me:

BIG stuff
1) It’s a new decade. Happy New Year!
2) Houston Marathon is coming up next weekend. I plan on rocking it.
3) MS150 training is about to start. Can’t wait!
4) I’m going to Detroit for the Movement Electronic Music Festival in May.
5) I’m setting up plans for running the Half Marathon in Medellín, Colombia in September.
6) I’ve started dating again.

a) Going to try to not eat in front of the computer in the mornings. I don’t want to be automatic with my eating.

Lots and lots of stuff. #6 right now has given me the most buzz. I’ve been doing things differently and it has been working out well for me. I don’t want to say too much about it right now, cause it’s in it’s infancy and I feel like if I talk or think about it too much, I’ll spoil it. But I will say, I’m having a blast!

That #a came out from a discussion with a woman about personal development. We had been talking a bit about food and cooking. It’s an exercise to see how I can bring a little bit of morning awareness to my eating. I normally eat in front of the computer and read blogs and what not. One of my current issues is that my new place I’m living in, while it is habitable, it is not company comfortable. Meaning, I ain’t going to be having people over to hang out. It’s not set up for that just yet. So another reason I’m beginning to see why I want to do this exercise is to bring my attention to the deficiency of the comfort of my place. Hopefully modivating me to working on making it better. I can tell straight up, I need to find a replacement hanging lamp for the dining room. MORE LIGHT!