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#TuesdayTunes 11/5


Time for another collection of great tunes for Tuesday. One is a reissue, another is a new video off an album from earlier this year and finally a brand spanking new one. Covering the spectrum here, but all great stuff. So put on the headphones and give a listen…

Picked up classic reissued #acid #techno track by Milton Bradley from Hardwax. Start the mind melt with Alien Rain’s Alienated 3B.


Chvrches does an official video to my favorite song off their new album, The Bones Of What You Believe… here’s LIES.


M.I.A.‘s new album drops TODAY. Matangi – Hear the heavy drop of Karmageddon.

#TuesdayTunes – 10/29


The Water – Homeless, off of their 2012 album Scandals and Animals. – This is more of a instrumental track, but it is epic. To me this song sounds like “storytelling” only without words. Listen here:

And remember the classic 80’s tune “Cars” from Gary Numan?

Well he’s released a new album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind), back in mid October of this year. Really reminescent of some Nine Inch Nails material… and as a matter of fact is touring with them currently. My personal favorite track is the Love Hurt Bleed song. Kinda weird video, but a great song.

Of course there is a old hip-hop remake/redo of Cars by J Dilla called TRUCKS. Funny and excellent.

Winter Cometh

Here it is, my final compilation for the year. It is about CD length in time. These are tracks that I’ve heard, gathered and enjoyed this last quarter of 2011. It’s mixed up a bit with Post Punk, electronic, techno and indie. Not stuff you’ll find on the radio. Making this available one of two ways: Spotify link at the bottom, or you can download the whole thing here and burn your own cd.

1 True Lies The New Division Shadows
2 Nodding Off (feat. Best Coast) Wavves Life Sux – EP
3 Bullet Ben Sims Smoke & Mirrors
4 Into the Trees Still Corners Creatures of an Hour
5 Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer The Ropes Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer
6 Cigars N Money Dom And Roland The Big Bang LP
7 Circles and Squares We Were Promised Jetpacks In the Pit of the Stomach
8 So Long Thieving Irons
9 Fever Dreams Nurses Dracula
10 Dark Darkness Ft. Teachers Chllngr Haven
11 Palomino Mates of State Mountaintops
12 Answer Cant Dreams Come True
13 Dark into Light AM & Shawn Lee Celestial Electric
14 Adrift Tycho Dive
15 The Beast Laura Marling A Creature I Don’t Know
16 Call It Off Washed Out Amor Fati


Listen on Spotify : HERE

Download all: HERE
On the Fileserver download page, scroll down and click the free slow download. Follow instructions and wait.

Time for a techno cd

I think it’s just time for some good old techno. Couple of solid bangers. Only this isn’t the strongest of the strong. It good middle road. And it ain’t mixed. For those who aren’t as familiar with techno as us purists are. Here’s a sample of tracks that I believe stand on there own. Stuff you can really listen to all the way through. They give you a real sense of what techno is and how tracks are constructed and made. And you can listen to them without a club or mix context. Not all techno tracks can stand on their own, but I believe that these can. They all touch “inside my mental landscape” for me. I can easily get “lost” in anyone of these tracks. See if you can too…


1. WJ Henze Used 2005
2. Jaydee Single Minded People 1992
3. Greg Gow Black Sun (Original Mix) 2009
4. Sami Koivikko Pientare (Original Mix) 2009
5. Heiko Laux sense fiction (surgeon rmx) 2006
6. Deetron The Last Dance 2005
7. WJ Henze Partial 2005
8. Shed Estrange 2008
9. Geoff White Scilleta (Original Mix) 2009
10. 2000 And One Tropical Melons 2009
11. Greg Gow The Bridge (Late Night Grand River Mix) 2009

You can download all the tracks HERE in one folder from FileServe:
A.) Click on the free user “Download File” button in the lower right side of the page.
B.) Fill out the CAPTCHA.
C.) Wait 30 seconds.
D.) Now click the “Slower Download” button that has appeared in the middle of the page.

Fall 2011 CD Compilation

Since I was feeling a little bummed out today, I created a CD Compilation to cheer me up. Excellent music has been coming out and this is a good mix of what I have been enjoying. This is a collection of Indie, Post Punk, Rock, Alternative, & Techno/Electronica.

It’s Time For Fall 2011


  1. Keep Time – Gauntlet Hair
  2. Hazel – Weekend
  3. Wild Palms – Sun Airway
  4. Parentheses – The Antlers
  5. WHALE – Yellow Ostrich
  6. The Modern Age – Exitmusic
  7. Hikikomori – Zola Jesus
  8. Palomino – Mates of State
  9. Engine 1 (Dave Clarke & Mr. Jones Unsubscribe Remix)  – Bryan Black presents Black Asteroid
  10. Hours – Tycho
  11. Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls
  12. Ritual Union – Little Dragon
  13. Sails – Hooray for Earth
  14. Aniborne – Echo Tongues
  15. Sunlight  – The One AM Radio
  16. Black Chow  – Big Spider’s Back
Freebie for you. Drop me a request with your mail address and I’ll send it to you. Or you can download it HERE from fileserve and burn it yourself if you prefer.
UPDATE: I got a Spotify account under my pseudonym: MrPhotomatic. I’ve made this mix shareable here: It’s Time For Fall