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One Square Inch of Silence

In the mornings on Saturday when I’m getting up early for a bike ride or running, I often hear snippets of Living on Earths radio show on the local radio station. One morning this story came on and it stopped me in my tracks. Literally. Then there was the sounds of the forest that came on. Just wild noises of the forest. All natural. For that 20 secs that they played those sounds I just started crying. I kinda felt that I was crying for Mother Earth. For the beauty and richness that she has for us and that we have totally taken advantage of. I felt a loss. Loss of something sacred. Something that was bigger than me. Also the overwhelming beauty of the sounds. I’ve rarely been struck to have such an emotional reaction to sound, but this was defintely one. Give it a listen.

One Square Inch of Silence

Boo Williams at Block21.

Slide show of photos, just a few, from the Boo Williams event at Block21 here in Houston. I didn’t do a great job of getting photos, but I really didn’t feel like playing mr photographer. I ended up spending much more time in the backroom/second room where Henry, Marcus, Jeff and Andrei played. Main room was totally crowded.

First time to the Block21 venue. It was alright. Nothing to be really excited about though. I might go again, but again it would have to be to see someone I really want to see…for free.

Jeff handed out free cd’s of his newest mix. Awesomeness. He should be posting it up soon on his site. Check him out.