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What is Movember?

Movember 'stache

Hello everyone!
I wanted to write a quick little note telling everyone why am I posting all these photos everyday of my face with a mustache growing on it. Since 2004, the event which happens throughout the month of November, is to raise awareness about men’s health. While for some years there has been focus on specific men’s health issues, like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression, the main focus has been to simply bring awareness to men’s health. One of the main reasons is because the average life expectancy of a man in the US is about 76.2 years. For women it’s 81. Another scary fact of men’s health is that 12.1% of men 18 years and over are in fair or poor health. The originators of the movement have more facts and claifcation on their website here:

So why am I growing a mustache and posting photos of it? While I do enjoy all the comments about how I look like a creeper and what not, what I would like for people to take away from this is to have a discussion with a man you know and love about their health. Check in with that man. Ask him if he has had his yearly physical. Ask about how they are feeling. That’s what I’m asking you to do. I don’t want to ask you for money or for you to contribute anything to me. No, just go and talk to a man in your life about his health. That’s all there is to it.

If you want to learn more about the Movember movement read more about it here:


Thanks for reading.


Putting Up My Work Portfolio

hand on keyboard

Well I finally did it. Got some of my design work up on a hosted place, Behance, where it can be viewed on the web. Not the prettiest format, but I’m made headway and got it OUT. First step, in a long time.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the tab at the top of the page, “Work Portfolio”. Click that and then come back when you’ve finished looking around…

I am, of course, completely not happy with it… Without a doubt I chalk it up to having not wanting to think about it. There is a lot, a LOT of work that I’ve done and shuffling through it all, organizing, curating, and then writing about it is completely overwhelming. And trying to do this after a busy day at the office is, well, pretty exhausting.

Funny thing about it all though is that I feel really good about having made this first step. It is a big weight it off my shoulders, a release. I’m in shock by just how much there is! Holy cow. Clearly I’ve gone for the shot gun approach right now, spraying a bit of everything up there. Over time I’ll whittle it down and improve what I put up.

The cool thing about this Behance site is that they have a section that can convert the online portfolio locker into a pretty slick website. I may eventually move to that or figure out away to replicate it and then put it on my other website, Until then, I’m feeling great so far with what I’ve done.

What do you think?

Better being positive

Lately it seems that I’ve been struggling with a lot of “hard stuff”, life challenges you could call them. It’s okay cause I see it as normal, but I find my propensity to then want to spew, and I DO mean to use that word, on the social networks in a frustrated ‘rage’. Why? Am I looking for attention? Most likely. Plus I know it’s NOT helpful to my whole social media experience (that’s the marketer in me talking…) Klout measurement or for the bombardment to my friends and acquaintances. I mean, really who wants to hear someone spew negative shite?

Seems like this spewing behavior on social media outlets is part of the norm for most people, as I see it. Most times I attribute it to people who are “unaware” of what they do and the consequence of what they do. Or maybe they just really don’t care. Well I do care and I putting this out on my blog as a way to reinforce my commitment to keeping my social media comments as positive.

Onwards and upwards!

Partners needs

While at the gym to day I over heard some older men talking about women. Just give them what they want…they’re going to get it anyways! hahaha! And we just keep on giving it to them, whatever they ask for. HAHAHA!

And so on. You’ve heard the conversation. It’s been ridiculed in comedy standup for ages.

I was thinking about it while doing my gym workout sets.

So you give your wife, everything (materialistic stuff) she asks for and she is always asking for more. And you continue to give her the stuff she asks for. I’m thinking about the dynamic of this relationship. What is truly happening here? At one level is sounds like the people in the relationship aren’t really getting what they truly want. It isn’t about the stuff. Maybe if we paid attention to one another more closely, we could figure out or listen more closely to what that person wants/needs from the relationship. Maybe it’s encouragement, emotional support, honest conversation. Instead of filling those needs with physical junk we don’t need that doesn’t stop the yearning, maybe try digging a little deeper to give your partner something a bit more meaningful.

So what do I need/want from my partner?

Cub Scout Badges

The other night I was walking with a friend after dinner and we got around to discussing what is important in your life, type of discussion. She mentioned that doing events/certain activities and going to special places had importance for her. These things were things that she could share with others and have a sense of accomplishment for herself. I kinda agree with her. But there is a second dimension to this equation that’s missing for me. I equate these accomplishments as Cub Scout badges. Little pieces of cloth you get and then sew onto a sash that you can then show off to others. That’s all good and fine, but ultimately I feel like these accomplishments are very “external” in their existence. These accomplishments don’t really reside INSIDE of me, except only as memories. Also the context in which this discussion was happening was that the doing of the activities, there wasn’t really mention of doing these activities WITH someone special in your life. Kinda doing them solo. Now, I don’t believe that the special person has to be RIGHT THERE with you doing the same activity…the person can be a supporter, a fellow experiencer of the event…etc. But essentially, the doing of these accomplishments are to not be done alone. They need to be shared. Or more importantly, it isn’t always the event/accomplishment that is what is important, but the person you relate it to.

Hmmm… maybe not quite right..keep trying. here:

As a person learning more about myself, for me to just go out and do things, they certainly help me in develop and get to know myself, but I feel that the real work in helping me to understand myself and where I am in the world, it really is about relationships with people and that other spiritual side/energy/god. I guess I would rather pass up a mountain climbing trip to Everest vs spending several days with someone who I can truly communicate and share myself with. Taking a walk in the park with this person on a daily basis would be far much more important to me vs a week by myself on top of the highest mountain.

I never did get many Cub Scout badges…