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Dreamhost does it right


For several years I’ve been using DreamHost as my web host and domain provider. They have many fantastic services for all levels of need. But that’s not why I’m writing today. Since I’ve been using them and using WordPress as my webpages, I’ve been kinda careless about my updating of the website. And by updating I mean the upgrades to WordPress and it’s plug-ins. Normally I would just click the upgrade now buttons and be done with it. Never had any problems. I would hear people complain about upgrading and losing info…but I would think, “It’s never happened to me, what gives?”

And then it did happen. I was completely at a loss and had no, zero, backup. I couldn’t even log into the backend of the control panel of WordPress! Once I noticed this I have to admit I went into denial. I was just hoping that it would fix itself. Ha. So I did nothing, knowing that going into trying to fix it would take an entire weekend of effort, something I really didn’t want to spend time doing!

A couple of weeks had passed and I was having a twitter conversation where I was discussing web hosts with some friends. During this conversation I said that I was currently at distress with my website cause of a bad upgrade. Now, note, I did not use a “@” designation to dreamhost to complain or let them know about it. Honestly I hadn’t even through about using that at the time. So imagine my surprise that five minutes later, I get a tweet from @dreamhostcare, asking me if they could be of some help! After about 15 mins of back and forth, they got my website/wordpress back up and running. Incredible.

Needless to say, this style of customer service is becoming more and more common with companies that are monitoring twitter. Instant customer service. Twitter has replaced the service phone call in a way.  Secondly, I am now a huge advocate of DreamHost and it’s customer service. You could probably call me one of those Brand Ambassador’s that they are talking about as the gold standard that all companies want for their social media. If you are paying attention, that’s how you make it happen!

Thanks again to @dreamhostcare and DreamHost for being a super company with services I love.


Google Wave…

Looks pretty cool. Invite only though. So even if I was to get access, I wouldn’t know many people on it. But Gina Trapani has released a web only book about the Wave experience. HERE. Some cool stuff!